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Oats are a super food and have been hailed as one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. Studies have demonstrated oat’s staving effects against environmental stressors, which is why And The Oats® is pleased to introduce a new Triple Oat Complex skincare line – packed with oat-derived ingredients that detoxify and rebalance your skin’s beauty. We know that oat is a unique ingredient in skincare—and we harness the soothing and nourishing properties of oat from three of its distinct elements: Oat Flour, Oat Extract and Oat Oil.
The Oat Flour - Our oat flour is produced using the highest quality of oats, locally sourced by environmentally-conscious practices. Although usually associated with brownies and desserts, oats also contain high levels of proteins and lipids which are ideal for soothing and protecting your skin’s moisture barrier. For prebiotics, we use organic oats grown on farms where animals graze freely during harvest season to provide a healthy dose of fiber ingredients.

The Oat Extract - The oats plant contains antioxidants and chlorophyll which protects the skin's cells from the sun, providing soothing effects even before it touches your body. We have added Avenanthramides to our formula, a unique compound found only in oats, which makes our products exceptionally moisturizing and improves skin elasticity.

The Oat Oil - Oat oil is high in unsaturated fatty acids, which help to improve skin barrier function and reduce water loss from the skin. Oats oil deeply moisturizes the skin to make it soft, smooth and supple.


The Nurturing Touch of Prebiotic Oats

You’ve heard of the health benefits of oats, but it may surprise you that there’s actually so much more to them. From their prebiotic quality to their hefty dose of antioxidants, we’ve rounded up all the reasons why oat flour has quietly been becoming a huge player in beauty products.
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Smoothens complexion
  • Strengthens skin’s moisture barrier
  • Prevents moisture loss
  • Maintains the skin’s microbiome balance
  • Soothes irritated skin
And The Oats products with the Triple Oat Complex are great for sensitive skin and can be used by anyone. It contains a prebiotic blend of oat that has been shown to improve the skin's microbiome balance, improving moisture retention for a smooth, youthful complexion. Oat also has anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to calm dry, irritated skin.

Why Choose Oats?

Our secret ingredient? The best quality oats for the most soothing, healing properties for your skin.

But why oats? Because they’re laden with nutrients that work wonders for your skin! Categorized as a skin protectant by the FDA, oatmeal is the perfect solution for all things skincare.

Our famous naturally soft and gentle oats blend with jojoba oil and calendula for a rich, creamy formula that’s perfect for sensitive or frequently dry skin. Our high-quality ingredients help moisturize the skin and lock in moisture. We use highly refined, plant-based oatmeal powder that nourishes dry and sensitive skin to heal and soothe any and all irritations, dullness and inflammation. Our oat extract is a rich source of beta glucan—a natural mucilaginous that acts as an emollient and helps restore the skin’s moisture barrier, while the oat oil helps restore the skin’s moisture barrier and nourishes it from within.

Witness The Magic Of Oats
Remarkable results that bring quality skincare to all.

Oats-Based Skincare Through The Ages

Have you ever wondered what makes oats so special? Well, you might be surprised to hear they were used by ancient Egyptians as a skin topical (think soothing baths), but also became popular in the 1950s to be used as part of dermatological baths as they were packed with antioxidants and natural soothing properties.

In ancient times, oats were used as a food and a medicine. They were found in the Bronze Age, in Ancient Egypt and cultivated during the Iron Age. Today's oats are the result of a genetic mutation that boosted all the genes in one plant at once, instead of individually. This led to more proteins and nutrients to be produced with little effort. Because this natural transformation makes them so incredibly nutritious, we've made them into oats that can be used for numerous purposes ranging from food to our favorite skin care products.

We Source Only The Best Quality Oats

We believe in sourcing the best ingredients possible, and our oats come from regions that provide an optimal environment for harvesting with the right soil and favourable climatic conditions. By cultivating these conditions right, we're able to produce a crop with high quality, ideal moisture and great nutritional content. Our oat varieties are non-GMO, and our production partners meet our stringent standards for quality, sustainability, and animal welfare.
This way, we ensure that nothing but the best is delivered to your doorstep, packed with love and loaded with organic goodness.


That’s how we process our star ingredient

We take pride in the fact that our oat flour is minimally processed and thoroughly cleaned to remove all foreign particles and weed seeds to ensure its purity. The consistency of the final product is optimized through rigorous testing with no compromise on its efficiency to deliver pure oats-enriched goodness to you.

Great For You, Great For The Planet

As one of the most drought-tolerant crops, oats use less water compared to other grains, which can help avoid depletion of underground water sources. A perfect low-input crop, oats are ideal to include in your rotation. They require little water, making them perfect for areas where water supplies are scarce. Oats also extract less nutrients from the soil compared to some other crops, minimizing its impact on the environment. Our oats are grown using sustainable methods, making them an excellent candidate for sustainable farming.

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