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Remove Tan  Blackheads

Remove Tan & Blackheads

Say goodbye to pesky old blackheads with the goodness of coconut shell powder, walnuts and apricots that remove tan, even out skin tone and give you glowing skin.

Exfoliates Skin

Exfoliates Skin

Deeply cleanse and clear out your skin with oats, coconut shell powder, apricots and walnuts for smoother, softer and spotless skin.

Moisturize Locker

Moisturize Locker

Nourish your skin with papaya, coconut oil and jasmine oil that lock moisturization for baby-soft and supple skin.

Remove Itchiness and Acne

Remove Itchiness and Acne

Oat face scrub with coconut shell powder and walnuts removes impurities and itchiness while protecting skin from harsh soaps that strip the body of its natural oils. The result is smoother, clearer skin in just one wash!

Deeply Cleanses and Exfoliate Skin

Deeply Cleanses and Exfoliate Skin

Our Oat face scrub deeply cleanses and exfoliates skin with the goodness of oat extract, apricots and walnuts in gentle beads. It doesn’t foam or strip the skin of essential oils, helping to maintain its natural texture and moisture.

Smooth and Glowing Skin

Smooth and Glowing Skin

Our oat face scrub with coconut shell powder and walnuts naturally removes dirt and grime from the skin, leaving you with clean, smooth and glowing skin. Our unique blend of papaya, jasmine and coconut oil helps purify, nourish and tone your skin.



Our star ingredient, oats gently exfoliate the skin, reduce inflammation and moisturize for an even skin tone.

Coconut Shell Powder

Coconut shell powder is a gentle, natural skin exfoliant for smooth, deeply cleansed skin.


With a multitude of benefits, walnuts exfoliate, moisturize and brighten skin tone to prevent premature aging and prevent dark circles and acne.


Apricots exfoliate dirt and excess oil that cause blackheads, blemishes, and acne breakouts and help to unclog pores.


Natural papaya extract to even out skin tone, eliminate dead cells, fade away marks and make the skin soft and supple.

Coconut Oil

The good old coconut oil keeps your skin nourished and moisturized and reduces skin inflammation.

Jasmine Oil

A go-to tonic for beautiful skin, jasmine oil removes dark spots and acne scars, revealing healthy, glowing, even skin tone over time.

How to use

Step 01:

Squeeze a coin-sized amount on your wet palms.

Step 02:

Lather it up and apply it on your wet face and massage in a gentle circular motion for a minute.Avoid contact with your eyes.

Step 03:

Rinse it off thoroughly with water and pat dry with a soft towel.

Step 04:

For best results, apply a gentle moisturizer or skin cream later. Use it twice a week for more efficient deep cleansing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your everyday face wash must be gentle with deep cleansing and moisturizing properties. Choosing the right face wash like the Oats face wash with Vitamin C helps to nourish and protect your skin.
This face wash is safe to use for anyone who is 13 years and above.
Yes, this is a unisex product and can be used by anyone for a healthy, nourished skin.
Sensitive skin must be treated with only natural ingredients that are safe and nourishing to the skin. Our Oats face wash with Vitamin C gently exfoliates, nourishes and moisturizes sensitive skin for a healthy and smooth finish.
Yes, this is a unisex product and can be used by anyone for a healthy, nourished skin.
Both Face Wash and Cleanser are used to cleanse the skin and remove impurities such as dirt, oil, and other common skin pollutants. The Oats Face Wash with Vitamin C is a thorough cleansing and purifying cleanser that absorbs dirt and pollutants to reduce dullness and keep skin clear. It also nourishes and moisturizes skin for an even tone.
Yes, our Oats face wash has shown amazing results in retaining natural skin moisture and keeping the skin supple, soft and smooth for over 24 hours after its application in our clinical trials.
Our Oat face wash is enriched with the goodness of oats and Vitamin C which deeply cleanse, curb breakouts, protect your skin from environmental pollutants and leave your skin feeling clear and fresh. This facewash also nourishes and moisturizes skin for a healthy, glowing and smooth skin.


Here's why certified organic is the real deal.

Before we set up Juicy Chemistry, we realised that a lot of brands claim to be organic. It’s a word that many use, yet only a brands claim to be organic. It’s a word that many use, yet only a few understand. What’s worse? Most Players can’t prove it. As consumers, we know this proof is important. As a brand, we decided to go get ourselves that very proof.


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Arshpreet Kaur
Good product

Awesome product! Last a while! Will definitely stay with this product for a while! Highly recommend it. I would say they have made this product at an effective price.

Best product

I have oily skin. I have been using this product for 2 months now. I can say it is really working for me. It has reduced the black heads and impurities on my face. You can also apply it on your neck that I have been doing myself.


I was recommended this product by a friend. Have been using it for almost 3 months now. I also bought their face wash. Using both the products has given good results. The texture is really good and it exfoliates my skin well. Liked the product so far.

Rashi Singh
Work fine

It exfoliate the skin well and I. Would say also reduces the black heads . No irritation. Really good buy it at this price


This was a gift from my friend. Sh
e bought their face wash and scrub pack for me. I have tried both face wash and scrub for last 2-3 weeks and I must say it is quite a good quality product. You can actually feel it. The texture is really good and it moisturizes the skin really well. Good scent too. I loved it so far.

All Natural, Vegan Goodness

As Indias first 100% nature-derived wellness brand, we create plant-based, vegan products with soothing, toxin-free ingredients that feel fantastic on your hair and skin.

Our products are thoughtfully created using only all-natural ingredients with no chemical additives, emulsifiers, dyes or preservatives. They are not tested on animals. They are stored in 100% post-consumer recycled packaging that is reusable.

Moreover, our products don’t discriminate. Skin is skin. Hair is hair.

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