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Oatmeal for skin whitening

Oatmeal for skin whitening

Feb 04, 2023

And The Oats

More commonly known as oatmeal, Avena Sativa is a dark horse in the face packs and skin clearing industry. Everyone is aware that it is one of the healthiest grains known to us, yet we barely hear about its uses for our skin. We do not need these expensive products for softer and clearer skin; instead, we can just use oatmeal in a face pack to do the same thing. It is the best solution for oily skin and blackheads.


How does the use of oatmeal benefit your skin?

Oatmeal’s texture is a good reason to use it on our skin as it acts as a natural scrub, but that is the smallest advantage of using it. Primarily, oats contain saponin, which is particularly good on the skin as it does not extract natural oils from our skin but is a cleanser. It works on people who have super dry or sensitive skin.


Especially if you have extremely sensitive skin towards exfoliators, oats are the best alternative due to their texture. It also has lipids and proteins, which make it a great moisturizer.


Oatmeal also has anti-oxidants which undoes the damage done to your skin by UV rays and pollution. Another major property it has is anti-inflammatory, which reduces itching and calms down eczema. These properties also make it act to soothe sunburns. Its anti-pruritic properties prevent several fungal infections and skin diseases from occurring.


Skin lightening properties of oatmeal

There are times when we go in the sun, discolouration of our skin, or we get dark patches; oatmeal acts as a great solution for this. When the human body is deficient in zinc, our skin starts forming dark patches, and that is where oatmeal comes in handy as it has a good proportion of zinc which in return whitens our skin. An indirect reason how oatmeal acts as a natural whitener is its Vitamin B1 content; this promotes better blood circulation in the skin hence making the skin look fairer.


How to use oatmeal for skin whitening

Oatmeal is only a grain; to use it for skin whitening, we need to look at how it can be used. The oatmeal method depends on what you are looking for and your skin type. The easiest method is to cut oats in their normal, unprocessed form and rub them on the skin. This is harsh on the skin but, due to its exfoliant nature, acts as a perfect natural exfoliant. 


The second, more common, the method is to make a face pack by mixing it with other ingredients which are helpful for the skin. An easy method is to soak it in oil and rub it over areas with acne to reduce them. Other masks can be with milk, coconut oil, or even with gram flour (besan). These act as the best skin whiteners and show results immediately. For dry skin, one can also add honey to it. Finally, we can also have an oatmeal bath which will make the skin super clear after we are done.


As our skin is a part of our body, we all should take care of it like a temple, but we must not get too carried away by the media and people around us and love our skin colour regardless of how fair or dark it may be. Also, remember that oatmeal makes the best face packs.

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